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Federica and her Faith necklace

How is my jewle born?

Creating a jewel from nothing is a very complex work, you have to choose the material to use, you have to design a project so that the idea you have in mind becomes reality.

You need to work with your imagination, but also with cunning in order to adapt your desires to concrete reality.

I draw inspiration from what excites me.

I can draw it from nature, from the colors that surround me, from a painting by a famous author I love, or from the latest book that fascinated me.

The most beautiful creative moment, however, I get when a client asks me for a personalized jewel and tells me her story and her emotions.

 This was the case with Federica when she asked me to create a necklace for her that would give her energy.

Federica is a young Italian expatriate mother of two kids in Dublin.

When she asked me to create a necklace for her, she was going through a somewhat difficult period in her life and she felt submerged between family and work duties, losing some sight of herself and her needs.

Listening to her story and in accordance with her tastes, the Feith necklace was created for her.


Feith is a soutache necklace that has a central module wich is composed of two half-moon cabochons which together with the central cords represent the three phases: the esoteric symbol for the Goddess.

A third cabochon in mother of pearl with a spiral shape represents the esoteric symbol of Spirituality.


The name Faith was chosen both for the name of the woman who will wear it Federica, but also as a motivational drive to have Faith in herself, in her own strength and in the love of her family.



Federica really enjoyed my work and the feeling of having perceived exactly what the client had asked me to achieve was the best reward for me.

In the following photos you can see Feith and the beautiful Federica wearing it.


Thank you very much Federica!



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A path made of emotions

Welcome to the Vesuvio Jewelry blog

Let me introduce myself: I am Merylu, heart and hands of Vesuvio Jewelry and on this blog I will talk about emotions.

I decided to add this section to my online store and I will use it as a sort of diary to tell you about me and how my creations are born and evolve.

Soutache for me is not just a technique for creating jewelry, but it is above all a way of expressing my personality.

When I create a handmade object, I am not only giving life to something material, but I am putting some of my vital energy into it.

When you choose to buy an object made by another person, you are mixing your energy, the one that makes you choose something according to your feelings, with another, that of the person who created it.

From this union come the emotions that the object transmits to you.

It will be wonderful for me to share part of my creative journey with you!